Displaced youth call upon African governments to do more to end conflicts

Peace seeking migrants from several African countries have resolved to work together to help end conflicts on the continent.

This follows a two-day meeting of young migrants in the Ugandan capital, Kampala, where they urged governments to do more to end conflicts and the resulting displacements.

Figures from the International Organization for Migration (IOM) show over 30 million people are currently displaced in Africa.

The Kampala gathering called for security and employment, noting that youth would not engage in migration if the two existed in adequacy.

“If the youth are effectively engaged in the right way there is no way a youth will even think about migration if they feel they are getting what they deserve in their countries why do you think about migration. We need employment and security,” Ambassador for women and girls Esther Nakajjigo said.

The organizers of the conference also called for close partnership between African and European authorities to resolve the crisis.

Millions of Africans are forced to flee their homes each year due to conflicts in their countries.

Earlier this year, the United Nations announced that South Sudan had become the continent’s biggest refugee crisis, coming third after Syrian and Afghanistan.

South Sudanese refugees in Uganda hit the one million mark earlier this year, with authorities warning of a strain in resources if that flow continues.

The UN and the international community have called for dialogue to help resolve the crisis in the world youngest nation.
Earlier this week, the government said it would welcome Riek Machar – holed up in South Africa – for talks if he denounced violence.