What’s in it for African countries at the BRICS summit?


Nigeria, Africa’s largest economy is among the observers at the BRICS summit.

The country is also experiencing tough economic times thanks to a drop in oil prices – its key export.

The country is not part of the BRICS but it enjoys enormous bilateral relations with some members of the block like China, which is one the biggest investors in the Nigerian economy. But the question is could Nigeria benefit more if it were a member of the group.

CGTN’s Deji Badmus sat down with an economic expert to discuss some of these issues and began by asking him if South Africa has been effective representation of Africa on the block.

Egypt is among the African countries invited to the BRICS summit in Xiamen.

CGTN recently caught up with Ahmed Mustafa, an Egyptian political economy expert and member of the African Social Development Research Council. He shared his thoughts on what African countries can learn from China’s development experience.

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