East African prosecutors Join efforts to fight cross-border crimes

Tanzanian Poached Elephant Tusks — Photo via Nomad.Sleepout.com

Prosecutors from Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania have gathered in Kigali for a 4 day workshop aiming to enhance cooperation in the fight against crimes across the border.

The main focus of the workshop will be on human trafficking, terrorism and wildlife in the East African region, reports the New Times.

Rwanda’s National Prosecutor Jean Pierre Habarurema said that the crimes shortlisted affected all the nations gathered in the workshop.

“In Rwanda, terrorism, wildlife and human trafficking are generally not a primary threat. However, our neighbors have threats and this makes it a shared problem,” the report quotes Habarurema say

During the workshop, the prosecutors discussed the international legal frameworks allowing for cooperation and shared experiences.

Frank Tawale, the state attorney at the office of Director General of Public Prosecution in Tanzania stated that there is a rise in wildlife crimes in the country due to poaching an example of cross-border wildlife crimes.

With the dropping number of elephants from 800,000 to 100,000 in recent years, wildlife crimes have become a threat in Tanzania and they want to learn how to combat such crimes in the best way from other countries in this region.

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