Sudan authorities warn residents of flooding along the Nile


Sudanese authorities have warned people living along River Nile of possible flooding this week.

The country’s Ministry of Water Resources, Electricity and Dams urged those living along the Nile in Khartoum and areas to the south of the capital to take precautions against any flooding.

In the statement, the ministry warned of “massive floods” later in the week.

Over the past month, flooding destroyed around 3,000 homes in Khartoum and the Al-Jazira region.

Last week, the ministry said that water levels in the Blue Nile, the river’s main and most voluminous tributary that originates in neighbouring Ethiopia, has reached its highest level in nearly a century.

“Water levels of Blue Nile and the Nile are rising, and today the level of the Nile reached its highest in 100 years in Khartoum,” the ministry said in a statement.

“The water level touched 17.14 metres in Khartoum, and is expected to rise more.”

Sudan controls the middle reaches of the Nile, whose water levels peak in late summer.

Every year, Sudan battles heavy floods, and a downpour in August 2013 was the worst to hit Khartoum in 25 years, killing about 50 people in the capital.

About 100 people were killed last year across the country as torrential rains destroyed thousands of houses and submerged several villages.

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