Uganda: Printing of ordinary passports resumes after a two-month shortage

Issuance of ordinary passports in Uganda has resumed two months after the country ran out of the travel document.

Printing of ordinary passports had stopped with the hope that electronic passports would have been printed, leaving many travelers stranded.

The passport control office says they will be working overtime to clear the backlog of demand.

The once empty benches are now filled with passport-applicants and those renewing their documents.

Now, with more than 40,000 new ordinary passports in stock, the government says it will be able handle the high demand.

During the period when the production of the passports had been halted, authorities had reverted to issuing the few available passports only to people who needed to travel abroad for surgery.

The East African country prints its passports in the United Kingdom.

A similar situation occurred in 2016 when ordinary passports ran out, stopping the issuance of new passports and renewals.