Kenyan court rules against injunction to delay plastic ban

A Kenyan court has upheld a plan to ban the use of plastic bags in the country from Monday, August 28.

Manufacturers had sought an injunction at the high court, pleading for six months before the ban is implemented.

The court declined, making it illegal to use, manufacture and import plastic bags in Kenya from Monday next week.

The State had urged the court not to suspend the notice arguing that the ban is part of the government’s commitment to control pollution.

The court noted that suspending the ban would offend the country’s constitutional and legal framework on protection and management of the environment.

“Granting the orders sought will severally undermine the protection of the environment while serving commercial interests,” Justice Eboso said.

Though the Kenya Association of Manufacturers (KAM) had claimed they were not adequately consulted before implementation of the notice, the judge said a casual look at the documents filed in court demonstrated there were sufficient consultations.