Crowds gather to welcome three survivors of Tanzania’s school bus crash


Tanzanians gathered at Kilimanjaro International Airport, to welcome home the only three pupils who survived a school bus crash that killed 36 people last May.

The incident was described as one of the worst tragedies in Tanzania’s history, after the vehicle flew off a road near the Serengeti national park

As the plane touched down, it allowed a sigh of relief for a whole nation.

Its most awaited passengers; three survivors of a student bus accident that happened last May.

It had left more than 30 people dead, most of them children.

Doreen, Wilson and Sadiely were the only survivors.

After three months of intense surgery and rehab abroad they return home.

Despite being at the center of the incident, Doreen Elibariki, survivor had a message for the people of Tanzania.

“I’m telling them thanks for everything. And God to bless them.” She said

The reception is a joyous event that is filled with a spirit of hope

Many Tanzanians believe that the children’s survival is a miracle.

They have become a symbol of hope not just for this community but their whole country.

Through the American Senator, Steve King, the two survivors were able to get medical treatment in the US. This life saving trip was made possible through this American Senator.

“To see these miracles come together. There are miracles after miracle had to be chains of miracles. Like a chain. And if anyone of those miracles would be a link that was broken the whole things would have fallen apart”. King said

As well as the children, the plane also brought back donated medical supplies worth up to half a million dollars.

A man who has coordinated the government’s efforts since the day the accident happened is thankful.

“We have come together. I saw people from different political aspirations, inspirations. People from different religious divides. All of us have come together because we are celebrating life, we are celebrating love. And i think it’s a great lesson that we can work together for the common good”. Lazaro Yalandu, Minister of Parliament, Tanzania said

As the nation celebrates the three survivors, their scars will forever tell the story of their survival and their colleagues passing on.

Many hope that this would be the last time a road accident cuts short so many young lives.

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