Nigerian president has been in London for more than 100 days

It’s a record by any Nigerian President in terms of the length of time the President has been away from the country.

Over one hundred days and still counting. There is as yet no clarity over when President Muhammad Buhari is likely to return.

In his absence, his deputy, Yemi Osinbajo has been holding the fort as acting President.

But not everyone has been satisfied with the situation.

Some local groups have been expressing their thoughts on the situation. One group, led by a maverick Nigerian Entertainer, has been staging rallies demanding that the President returns or resigns.

“The resumption of office by the President or his resignation, this in our view as a movement, is the right thing to do. The presidency must give Nigerians and this movement full disclosure on the health status of our president” Deji Adeyanju, who is the protest organiser, said.

Some other people have also held rallies in support of the President too.

This coalition of civil society groups have been staging counter rallies demanding the President be left alone to fully recover before returning home

“We are saying that Mister Sir, do not because of these few detractors to cut short your medical trip. Stay until you’re fully recovered. Come back and continue from where you stop.” Ogenyi Okpkwu, Coalition of good governance and change said

In its own reaction, the presidency has been doing everything to reassure the public the president is making good recovery and that it was only a matter of time before he returns.

It has released several photographs of the President meeting with various government officials who had gone to visit him in London.

Recently, the presidency released this video of a seeming lively President meeting with his media team.

It’s still not known when the President would return as he has consistently maintained that he would do so when his doctors give him the all clear.