Ethiopia: 107-year-old man weds 33-year-old woman


An Ethiopian man who says he is 107 years old had tied the knot with a woman in her thirties.

Hajji Abdulkadir Dekema who is said to have 108 children and grandchildren wed his bride Furo Guyo, aged 33 years, in a wedding ceremony conducted weekend in the Shasemene area of central Ethiopia, 250 km south of capital city Addis Ababa.

According to local media outlet Radio Fana, Dakema, even in his old age, still has ambition to get more children despite already having so many children and grandchildren.

Guyo is his third wife now.

Polygamy is common among the rural areas of the Muslim dominated central and eastern areas of Ethiopia despite recent moves by the Ethiopian government to discourage the practice.

Ethiopia has a population composed of two thirds Christian and the rest being mainly Muslims, while a tiny minority located in parts of southern and western Ethiopia still profess traditional religions.