Zimbabwe first lady Grace Mugabe hands herself to South African police over alleged assault


Zimbabwe’s first lady Grace Mugabe has reportedly handed herself to the South African police following allegations that she attacked a model.

Gabriella Engels has accused the 52-year-old of assaulting her while she was visiting Mugabe’s sons in a hotel room in an upmarket suburb of Johannesburg.

Gabriella, 20 years old, claims the first lady’s bodyguards stood and watched as Mrs. Mugabe hit her with an extension cord.

She posted a picture on social media showing a gash on her forehead, which she claims she sustained during the encounter at the hotel.


Sky News reports South African Police minister Fikile Mbalula to say that Mrs. Mugabe will be charged over the alleged assault.

“She’s not under arrest because she co-operated and handed herself over to the police,” Mbalula said.

“From the police side, we have had to act in the interests of the victim, we have opened a case,” he added.

Mrs. Mugabe is thus due in court later today, according to local media.