Kenya’s ‘Githeri man’ goes from a viral sensation to a corperate attraction



Kenya’s #Githeriman has become a corporate attraction after gaining fame overnight. The man who cheered up Kenyans during the tense elections is now a toss for different companies, as they rush to share in his fame.

The Kenyan man was pictured queuing, awaiting his turn to vote, while munching on a serving of ‘Githeri’. Githeri is a local dish comprising of mixed boiled maize and beans.

#Githeriman Memes went round the internet to cheer Kenyans in as they eagerly awaited election outcome.  Kenyans creatively photo-shopped Martin, inserting him next to powerful world leaders and famous people, with his meal served from a plastic bag.

After becoming an online sensation, #Githeriman was discovered by the local media.  41-year-old Martin Kamotho, found himself in the limelight for a picture he didn’t know about.

Martin Kamotho, who works for the local government of Nairobi as a cleaner has had his fortune changed suddenly., after being showered with gifts by Kenyan cooperates optimizing on his fame.

The internet sensation has now been awarded with new high end phones, for himself and his wife and his one child. He has also been given a holiday voucher to experience one of the world’s wonders, the wildebeest migration at the Maasai Mara. Additionally, he has received a title deed to a piece of land. Tomorrow he is due to meet and greet his online fans at an upscale eatery in the capital city.






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