Somalia government to take control of airspace after 26 years


Engineers are doing last minute system installation at one of Somalia’s new airspace control centers – once the initial phase is completed, this will be the country’s first modern air traffic control center – and a first for Mogadishu in 27 years.

For almost three decades – a civil aviation caretaker authority collected over-flight revenues on behalf of the country with support from the United Nations.

Mogadishu now wants to reclaim one of the continent’s largest airspace back a move aviation officials are confident will happen in the coming months

Currently, Somalia’s airspace is ranked as category G meaning its uncontrolled,  but this newly constructed air traffic tower and control center is expected to move it – to level A – which is fully controlled – meaning huge revenue for the government

With more than 30 flights a day the Adan Abdulle airport is by far the busiest in the country – with dozens of local and international flights arriving on a daily basis

The country’s airspace also recently got a huge boost following the gulf crisis. Qatar Airways increased its use of Somalia’s airspace as well as flights diverting away from the conflict in neighbouring Yemen

The caretaker aviation authority is currently operating from a base in Nairobi – with a less than one hundred staff including seasoned experts.

Mogadishu’s airport is also set to resume night operations – a move that will see a sharp increase in air traffic and a boost to Somalia’s recovering economy

The return of the airspace control to the government is seen as a major step in reclaiming Somalia’s sovereignty.

The aviation authority will also create employment opportunities for the country’s youth and experts say – it will hopefully return Somalia back to its rightful place in the aviation industry.

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