Elephant kills handler in Zimbabwe

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Elephant trained to give rides to tourists charged and killed one of its handlers today in Victoria Falls Zimbabwe, reports Telegraph.

The 30 year old elephant, mbanje, charged at the 50 year old guide, Enock Kufandada when it was being led into a paddock.

The raging elephant was shot and killed by Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Management Authority rangers, who were called to handle the situation at the Victoria Falls tourist company.

“Captured elephants which were used by several tourist companies have killed quite a few people in recent years,” said Glynnis Vaughan, chief inspector of the Zimbabwe National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, ZNSPCA.

She added, “We should not be surprised when there are tragedies after elephants are captured in the wild when they are young, and taken from their families. Teaching a young elephant to get on to its knees so that people can mount it is vicious, it’s cruel.”

Two other elephants, which roamed around provincial capital, Mutare, in eastern Zimbabwe, were shot dead today by government rangers after they killed a policeman last week.

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