#KenyaDecides: Significant upsurge in women elected into parliament



Women representation in political life has yet to reach meaningful ratio vis-à-vis their proportion of the nation.

Between 1963 and 2013 only 74 women made it to the National Assembly, 49 elected and 25 nominated.

When Kenya gained its independence in 1963, the initial parliament did not have a woman. The country saw the very first female Member of Parliament come into office in 1969.

“More women are coming out but the societal attitudes about women and political leadership have not matched up.” Harrison Manga, the Programme Manager at Media Focus Africa said.

Since then there has been a slow but steady increase in the number of women who participate in politics.

For the first time more than over 10 women were elected at the national assembly in 2002. In 2007 Kenya recorded the highest number, which saw 16 women elected.

The 2013 election in Kenya was the first General Election to incorporate elective and nominated affirmative action seats for women.

Running up to the 2017 elections in Kenya, there are prospects of having female governors and senators.

Women are now firmly in the quest for transformational leadership. For the first time in the country’s history there is a heavy contention of women in hotly contested seats.


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