Nigerian launches a pan-African radio for kids

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A Nigerian, Rotimi Ogunjobi, launched an internet radio targeting Nigerian and African children, reports NAN.

Auntie Mo Kids Radio, is an educative and entrainment station for kids, the ones still in kindergarten to the ones above eight years.

“Auntie Mo Kids Radio, a pioneer of Internet Radio entertainment for children in Africa, announces its broadcasting schedule… it is an all-positive internet radio station offering 24/7 children and parents oriented programmes,” said Rotimi Ogunjobi, founder of the radio in a statement.

The founder said that the channel is a pioneer in Africa, with no other similar station in the continent. He further added that, the radio will create content that will focus on cultural backgrounds and environment. In addition it will be accessed on multiple devices.

“Auntie Mo Kids Radio streams is free and can presently be played from the website and also from mobile devices,” said Ogunjobi. Adding, “Through the power of smartphones and tablet devices, the young listeners will be able to enjoy music and entertainment wherever they are.”

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