Uganda to recruit over 4000 teachers

Ugandan teacher. online image.
Ugandan teacher. online image.
Ugandan teacher. online image.

The government of Uganda will recruit 4700 secondary school teachers and non-teaching staff for over 100 new state funded secondary schools, reports the Daily Monitor.

The recruitment process which begins next month will include non-teaching staff such as nurses, secretaries, lab and library assistants and accountants.

President Museveni’s gave a directive that every sub-county should have a government-aided secondary school, thus the new 100 schools.

“It was from that directive that we carried out an investigation which indicated that 278 sub-counties have schools that can be government-aided. That is why in this Financial Year 2017/2018, we are starting with selected sub-counties without any public school,” Mr Benson Baritazale Kule, the acting commissioner of secondary education, told Daily Monitor.

The Ugandan government had placed a ban on the recruitment of more secondary teachers. But Mr Baritazale explained that the ban did not cover recruitment of new teachers for new schools, neither on the replacement of teachers who have passed away.

The government will use around 18 billion shillings (4,993,200USD) for the recruitment process for the 100 new grant aidede secondary schools.