South Sudan cancels tomorrow’s Independence Day celebrations


The government of South Sudan announced cancellation of Independence Day celebrations last month, citing the ongoing crisis and lack of funding according to a report by the South Sudan News Agency.

South Sudan government has said that the July 9th celebrations have been cancelled as a cost cutting measure with the funds being directed to more pressing needs. The government usually spends $3 million on Independence Day celebrations, which are marked with military parades and spent on invited regional heads of state and diplomats according to the East African.

“We are not celebrating… because our situation does not require us to celebrate at a time when there are people in need of these funds,” South Sudan’s information minister, Micheal Makuey Lueth said.

The world’s youngest nation will not be celebrating its sixth anniversary as escalating civil war has increased the number of its people seeking refuge in neighbouring countries and cracks in President Salva Kiir’s Cabinet according to The East African.

President Salva Kiir’s government has cancelled the Independence Day celebrations for a second year in a row now.