UNICEF: Around 7 million children part of mass migration every year

he United Nations children's fund (UNICEF) on Wednesday called on donors to provide 4.2 million U.S. dollars this year to help to continue providing critical programs that support former child soldiers in South Sudan.PHOTO/UNICEF


For the first time in history, around 12 million people in West and Central Africa are on the move every year, more than half of them being children, that’s according to a new report issued by the United Nations children’s agency, UNICEF.

The report highlights several causes of the mass migration, including conflict, climate change, and rapid population growth in the region.

UNICEF says the huge number of people crossing borders each year is putting pressure on authorities.

The agency further says children are often not documented when they migrate.

The report says that at least 7 million children are part of the mass migration in the region.

It says that most of the children seek refuge in other African nations, and only one in five attempt the perilous journey to Europe.

Half a million people have crossed the Mediterranean from Libya to Italy over the past four years, mainly sub-Saharan Africans who pay smugglers to guide them across the desert to Libya, and onward to Europe in unseaworthy dinghies.

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