Kenya, US form partnership to fight cyber crime


Kenya and the United States have signed an agreement to fight cybercrime that has in recent months become a big threat to governments and private business around the world, the Business Daily reports.

At a meeting last week in Kenya’s capital Nairobi, senior US State Department officials and Kenya’s ICT and Defence Cabinet secretaries agreed to work together in the area of internet policy formulation and information sharing on cybercrime.

The US government also committed to train 100 Kenyans on cyber security, the report said.

Cybercrime has recently grown to be a major challenge across borders.

“In cyberspace you can no longer operate alone. We’ve seen that an attack from Ukraine can go anywhere. An attack from Kenya can go anywhere. This co-operation across different markets is very key,” said ICT secretary Joe Mucheru, the report quotes him say.

In the first half of this year, cybercrimes have affected millions across the globe, and as more Africans get connected to the internet than ever before, increasing questions are being asked as to exactly how secure they are.

According to a recent survey just 5 African countries lost at least $ 895 million to cybercrime in 2016 alone.

In Africa, cyber security efforts have primarily been left to government agencies but an increasing number of experts have said that in defeating cybercrime, collaboration among all sectors is absolutely key.

Nairobi has previously held conference on cyber security, where professionals from across the region come together to try and come up with measures to combat.

In 2015, the country’s public sector lost more than 5 billion shillings to cybercrime, while the financial services sector lost 4 billion.

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