Zambia to open talks with Kenyan traders over maize exports

Zambia has announced that it will hold talks with Kenyan grain traders, with the aim of exporting maize to the East African nation.

Kenya is currently facing a biting maize shortage. According to the Zambian Finance Minister, Felix Mutati, the biggest challenge for his country is accessing the Kenyan market at competitive prices.

This year, Zambia produced 3.6 million tonnes of maize, and had a surplus of 1.4 million tonnes- which is available for export.

“We have to find alternative markets for the 1.4 million excess crops and this development will make it known that Zambia is open for trade in maize,” ZNFU President, Javis Zimba, said.

Kenya on her part has been facing maize shortages, due to what the government says, poor harvests, occasioned by a prolonged drought.

The Zambia National Farmers Union (ZNFU), an industry group of commercial farmers, said in a statement the move would enhance maize exports at economically acceptable prices.