Russia to help Ethiopia in development of nuclear energy


Ethiopia and Russia have signed an agreement on cooperation in peaceful use of nuclear energy.

The Memorandum is the first of its kind between the two countries.

This agreement between Ethiopia and Russia will pave the way for Addis Ababa to work on development of nuclear infrastructure in Ethiopia.

The agreement  involves designing programs for raising public awareness on nuclear technologies and the application, radioisotopes and application of radiation technologies’ in industrial, medical and agricultural sectors.

The agreement was signed within the framework of the 9th International Forum ATOMEXPO 2017 held in Moscow.

This atomic corporation,ROSATOM as it is commonly known, is a Russian publicly-owned corporation, which is the leader in the global nuclear technologies market.

Ethiopian authorities said with the current fast changing global environment and the need to use technology to support the fast growing Ethiopian economy the peaceful use of atomic energy is vital.

A joint working group of Russia and Ethiopia will define the scope of work. Ethiopia recently overtook Kenya as East Africa’s largest economy and was projected to grow at the fastest rate in Africa this year by the World Economic Prospect report in June.

The report said Ethiopia would grow at 8.3 percent this year.

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