Fighting Crime in South Africa: Cape Town launches ‘Making Noise Against Crime’ campaign


Authorities in Cape Town have launched a campaign against crime, to celebrate the youth-designated month of June. The initiative is aimed at combating the city’s high crime and drug abuse levels, with the hope of creating a safer Cape Town.

Hundreds of youth and children from Cape town gathered to speak against the city’s vices. Cases of crime and drug abuse in the city have been on the rise in the last couple of months.

Speaking at the event, Chinese Consul General Kang Yong said that it was important to give a platform to the youth in addressing the challenges facing Cape Town.

Hosted by the Minerton Community Police Forum Cluster Board, the event also sought to tackle crimes against women and children.

The event also provided time for bonding and cultural exchanges. The entertainment included performances by a Chinese Dragon dance team from the Cape Town, Huaxing Arts Group, who delighted with the famed dragon dance.