Harare appeals for $11 million to support Mozambican refugees


Zimbabwe is appealing for about $11 million to help support an influx of Mozambicans who have crossed the border to escape political tensions.

The government launched the joint appeal with the United Nations on Wednesday.

Since last year more than 7000 Mozambicans have sought refuge in Zimbabwe.

Before the renewal of political violence, Zimbabwe hosted about 11,000 refugees, mostly from the DRC, Burundi, Rwanda and the Horn of Africa.

The added burden has stretched already sparse resources, and now the Zimbabwean Government and the UN are looking for $10,9 million to help feed, educate and provide medical care for the new arrivals.

More refugees continue to arrive in the Southern African nation.

According to UNHCR statistics, 956 Mozambican asylum seekers are at the main Tongogara refugee camp. Another estimated 6500 are being accommodated in 88 villages and communities along the border between the two countries.

With the additional funding they can all be brought to the camp and be provided with the care they need.

$2.5 million dollars is being sought for food security while education requirements accounts for $1.6 million.

The bulk of the appeal, $3 million to be exact, will fund small gardening projects designed to build refugee self-reliance.