Kenyans scramble to buy maize flour as shortage bites


A video that captures Kenyans scrambling to purchase subsidized maize flour has gone viral online. The video shows Kenyans grabbing packets of the precious maize flour before the supermarket staff put them on the shelves.

A voice cautions the shoppers to get only two packets a person but the order falls on deaf ears as they carry as much as they can.

Kenyans should brace for a continued shortage of subsidised maize flour following revelations that only 12,000 tonnes of subsidized grain imported by millers are in the stores, says the Daily Nation.

Grain Bulk Handlers (GBHL) in Kenya say millers imported 71,900 tonnes of the maize and they had already collected 59,900 tonnes, as fears spread that some millers may be hoarding the maize until the importation window is closed so that they can make a killing.