Film tackles skin bleaching trend in Ghana and Africa


Ghana’s film about skin bleaching hopes to help tackle the issue head on.

Comfort Arthur’s film ‘Black Barbie’ is an animated account of her own coming to terms with the colour of her skin.

Arthur is not alone, many young Africans find the option of lightening their skins too appealing, despite the health risks involved.

The film has been nominated for a prestigious African Academy Movie Award.

“My name is Comfort Arthur, I am an animator and an illustrator and a film maker, and I have been nominated for the AAMA awards which are the African Academy Movie Awards for best animation 2017.” Comfort Arthur- Ghanaian Animator and Film Maker Said

Black Barbie is about skin bleaching – my experience growing up as a young child trying to get rid of my dark skin.

Skin bleaching is a big issue in Africa and especially Ghana – and that was one of the reasons why I made this film.  There have been a lot of problems not just in Africa but in India, in Jamaica, in the Caribbean’s, and this film, Black Barbie, has been able to get a lot of the awareness out about the problems of skin bleaching.

“It’s amazing to be nominated for the African Academy Movie Awards – basically the African Oscars.  It’s a big award.  It’s been going for almost 10 years, 10, 12 years and I’m excited because I’m actually the first female Ghanaian animator to be nominated twice in a row which is exciting.”  Comfort Arthur said

Animation is very powerful, it’s a powerful tool that can change and create a lot of dialogue.   I use a lot of animation to tell stories, to get people discussing, to get people talking.

I have been amazed by the impact Black Barbie has had.  I wasn’t expecting it.  I mean I just did this film to encourage to my little cousin to stop bleaching but the impact its had on not just black people but on different races.

So it’s really is something that I get excited about because that is the whole point of filmmaking.  You’re not just doing a film to entertain but to educate.  So when that is happening and people are getting educated with your film, you know you’re having a big impact.

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