Togolese innovator creates 3D printer from reclaimed materials


Electronic devices can be found discarded across Lome. To Sename Koffi though, these are a treasure trove. He scoured landfills to find parts for a 3-D printer he dubbed “W.Afate 3D printer”.

We discovered the potential that can address the backlog in Africa. So the main idea of this project is to have a machine that will enable us to revolutionize the industry in Africa. And since this machine was designed, we have entrusted it to young people to meet the challenges. It is a machine that is developed with several types of computer waste, Said Sename Koffi, 3D Printer Innovator

Using melted plastic laid down in successive layers, all kinds of products are born.

Another aspect that we develop around the 3D printer is making things much more symbolic and artistic. We have made a concept for NASA and currently we are working on a concept of production of an artistic work for a design school, Said Sename Koffi, 3D Printer Innovator

The innovation has won Sename several awards. It also spurred him to launch a training program called “3D printer Africa”.  The aim he said is to encourage young people to develop innovative devices from electronic waste.

We already have ten schools that are close to our company of manufacturing machines called ”Woelab ”. We go to these schools to teach 3D printing and then we plan to install these machines in these different educational institutions so that the children then experiment them. We have ten schools at the moment but the ambition is to extend this training to all the schools of Lom¨¦ and the sub-region to enable Africa to prepare for a new industrial revolution. Said Sename Koffi, 3D Printer Innovator

In a country where nearly 60 per cent of the population lives in poverty and economic activities are centered around agriculture, access to technologies is sure to have an extremely beneficial effect on the populace.

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