Talk Africa: Kenya’s New Railway


Kenya has launched its long-awaited Standard Gauge Railway. The project is built and funded in partnership with Chinese companies and is expected to contribute at least 1.5% growth to the country’s GDP.

The launch has come just a few weeks off the back of the high-level Belt and Road Forum in Beijing, and will play a vital part for the wider-continent of Africa in Beijing’s ambitious plan to establish a global trade network.

So how does the railway fit into the Belt and Road initiative, and how exactly will it improve Kenya’s economic outlook?

Part One

The launch of the Standard Gauge Railway is the first stage in a network that will eventually cross much of East Africa, and is expected to transform transport, trade links and economic development in the region.

The 485 kilometre link will more than halve the travel time for passengers between East Africa’s biggest port and the Kenyan capital, Nairobi. It is also the first stage in a network that will eventually stretch across much of East Africa. Built and funded by the Chinese government, it is a prime example of China-Africa cooperation. So in exactly what ways will the railway help with this transformation?

Part Two

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