Sad ending for two lions rescued from circuses only to be killed by poachers



2 lions of the 33 lions saved from inhumane treatment in Southern America and shipped to a safe haven in South Africa have been killed by poachers.

José and Liso were killed at the Emoya Big Cat Sanctuary, in northern South Africa by poachers who infiltrated the 24 hour security armed patrols. The other lions might be evacuated until there are security upgrades.

Forensic experts have visited the sanctuary, which is currently closed to visitors and volunteers.

The Animal Defenders International group, that worked on the lion transfer from South America, where they were held in cages and subjected to bodily harm to the reserve in South Africa, said that the South African police and anti-poaching unit are investigating the matter.

The group has also offered a reward to any information that will lead to conviction.

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