Ethiopia shuts down mobile internet


Ethiopia has shot down mobile internet due to scheduled national examination.

Around 1.2 million students will be undertaking the grade 10 national exams as another 288,000 batch of students will be taking the grade 12 university entrance exams next week according to Quartz. The government temporarily blocked social media sites last year after test questions were leaked online.

Google’s transparency report registered a sharp drop in national visits to the search engine.

While the Ethiopian government had admitted to temporarily disabling internet services, it offered no specific explanation for the countrywide outage.

The country’s single telecommunications provider deactivated its internet services on Tuesday. This is the second time in recent months that Africa’s second most populous country has turned off its mobile data service.

African Union headquarters and the UN’s Economic Commission for Africa based in the country’s capital Addis Abba were also affected according to AFP.

Ethiopia is among the countries with the lowest internet and mobile connectivity rates in the world.