91 year old former Senegalese President to run for parliament


The former President of Senegal Abdouye Wade is campaigning for a seat in parliament in July’s elections.

The 91 year old former leader served as President of the West African country from 2000 to 2012. He stepped down after failing to secure a third term in office in 2012 losing to the current President of the West African nation, Macky Sall.

Wade is part of the opposition candidates in an opposition party. The deadline for submitting candidates in the poll expires overnight Tuesday. There is no age limit on people standing for parliament.

Wade was ordered to pay a fine of more than 210 million euros for “illicit enrichment” after stepping down. He received a presidential pardon in June 2016 after a total of more than three years and now lives abroad.

The former Senegalese President will lead an opposition list of the Senegalese Democratic Party (PDS)  at the 91st parliamentary elections on July 30th, after opposition parties failed to unite reports Le Monde.

The July vote aims to renew the National Assembly, whose number of seats will go from 150 to 165, after a constitutional revision adopted in March 2016 which opened the creation of 15 seats of deputies to represent the Senegalese diaspora.