Plane carrying four crash lands at Adan Adde international airport in Mogadishu

Photographs taken from the Adan Adde airport runway show firefighters on hand trying to avoid a possible inferno (Photo by: Abdulaziz Billow)
A small plane carrying four officials working with Bancroft crash-landed at Adan Adde international airport in Mogadishu
The plane enroute to Mogadishu from Entebbe in Uganda wasn’t able to land normally due to a mechanical hitch.
After several minutes it crash-landed on the runway – all four officials evacuated.
Airport activities have been put on a halt at the moment. Planes that were due to fly out have been grounded while incoming flights diverted to other airport in Hargeysa and Bossaso
Cleaning exercise is ongoing at the airport. Bancroft is a security firm that assists the 22,000 AU peacekeeping force known as AMISOM
Our correspondent has been sharing images on his twitter account;


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