Kenya Airways woes: Uganda protests high fares on Entebbe-Nairobi route

Uganda has written to Kenya Airways protesting high fares on its Entebbe-Nairobi route.

An air-ticket costs on average over 300 dollars. Ugandan authorities say this is too high for the flight, which normally takes between 45mins and one hour.

The Tourism Ministry says the route is exceptionally expensive and is affecting the country’s economy.

“We raised it in the northern corridor summit and the President of Kenya himself committed that they were going to reduce the prices but unfortunately they reduced for just a few months and escalated again.” Said Amelia Kyambadde, Trade and Industry Minister, Uganda

Kenya Airways enjoys more than 70 per cent of the air traffic on the Nairobi-Entebbe route with about four flights a day. The airline has recently suffered losses and says can not yet cut fares

Uganda does not have a national carrier after its own ceased operations more than 15 years ago. Plans to revive Uganda airlines are still being debated, but the government has shown keen interest.