Africa’s tallest building in Nairobi set to boost Kenya’s tourism sector

Africa’s tallest building is being constructed right here in Nairobi.

It will be 300 metres tall and house a hotel, restaurants, offices, a luxury shopping mall, and homes. It is hoped the ambitious project will attract tourists but there’s still a ways to go yet.

CGTN’s Maria Galang tells us more.

Kenya’s President Uhuru Kenyatta laid the foundation stone for the 70 storey building Pinnacle Tower.

The Pinnacle’s two towers in Nairobi’s Upper Hill area will offer stylish commercial offices, luxury apartments and a five star Hilton Hotel, on the 45th floor, joined together by a three storey shopping mall and entertainment center.
The KShs 20 billion project is being developed by Hass Petroleum as well as the White Lotus Project.
At 300 metres high, it will be taller than the current record holder, the Carlton Centre in South Africa which has 50 floors and is 223 metres tall.