TALK AFRICA: Conservation through cooperation

According to scientists, biodiversity on the planet is being lost at an unprecedented rate. And as Africa is home to thousands of unique plant species, the continent is especially at risk.
Plant diversity underpins the functioning of all ecosystems, and so conservation of flora has become a key priority for scientists around the world.Recently, a major botanical summit took place in the Kenyan capital, Nairobi, where scientists from around the world gathered to share their research and discoveries about the continent’s plant life, and China pledged to strengthen collaboration with Kenya in scientific research and capacity development to conserve the wild flora in East Africa. 
With the establishment of the Sino-Africa Joint Research Centre in Kenya, the biodiversity conservation agenda in the region has been revitalized. So what exactly is the center doing to safeguard Africa’s plant population? And what lessons can the rest of the world draw from China and Africa’s efforts of conservation through collaboration?