Somalia making real progress – President

The President of Somalia Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo says that the Al Shabaab terrorist cell has been weakened, institutions are rebuilding and a federal structure is in place.

The President further said the economy of the East African country is growing while speaking at the private sector event on refocusing the world’s business community on the fundamentals of Somalia in London at the London Conference on Somalia.

Somalia’s economic growth can be seen by the country’s being 12th largest exporter of high quality sesame seeds globally. 2nd largest exporter of sheep and goats, and the largest exporter of camels estimated to be around 7.2 million; additionally the county is the largest producer of camel milk. Somalia exported a record of 5 million livestock to the Gulf of Arabia in 2014.

“We’re now breaking into new markets like Malaysia and Egypt, we hope to see camel meat exports to a value of $378M in 2017,” said the President.

Somalia has 3.5M hectares of land irrigated for agriculture and at least 6.7M hectares of virgin land available for sustainable agriculture.

According to President Farmajo, his country has the longest coastline in Africa that has the potential to yield 1.8M tons of fish annually.