Morocco declares war on fake smartphones



The government of Morocco has declared war on the growing number of cheap counterfeit smart phones, chargers and batteries that have caused a lot of injuries, deaths and house fires, reports Morocco World News.

The North African government is taking action towards eradicating the fake chargers and banning their commercialization in the Moroccan markets.

Morocco’s Minister of Industry, Investment, Trade and Digital Economy Hafid Al-Alami issued instructions that all imported mobile phone chargers will be subjected to conformity checks ahead of their sale since most of the merchandise in store do not meet the country’s safety standards.

Non-governmental organizations and activists have urged the government to fight the use and the marketing of faulty chargers in the Kingdom.

Abdelali El Ramy, a social activist and president of the National Association for Social, Economic and Cultural Development, has taken up the task of spreading awareness of the threat of counterfeit batteries and its dangers through his online campaign dubbed ”All against the sale of chargers and counterfeit batteries”.

“The marketing of cheap mobile phones and chargers is increasing in a notable way. To me, these devices are ticking bombs which the Moroccan government should get rid of at the earliest opportunity,” El Ramy told MWN.

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