South Sudan refugee achieves his American dream

Jacob Mach -CBS NEWS

37 year old South Sudanese refugee, Jacob Mach, recently became a cop in America, achieving a dream that was fueled by his desire to help protect the country that protected him, according to a report by CBS.

Mach was brought up in the Sudan civil war that saw the death of two million people including his own father. At a young age of seven, together with 20,000other kids, walked hundreds of miles into Ethiopia to seek refuge.

For fourteen years he lived in refugee camps until he found his way into America at the age of 21. After learning English and graduating from college, he worked towards his dream of becoming a police man. He struggled with target practice and driving during his training but eventually graduated last month.

“Everybody wanted Jacob to succeed. You can see in his eyes he has the fight in him… And he never turned his back. And he always kept swinging. And that’s what we’re looking for,” said Atlanta Deputy Police Chief Jeff Glazier.

Mach hopes that his story of struggle, perseverance and eventually success will inspire others

“If I can do it and work and rise to where I am right now as a police officer — doing other big things and helping the community — they can do it too,” he said.

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