Mozambique authorities deport 24 Ethiopians in possession of fake visas

Mozambique authorities have deported 24 Ethiopian nationals, local media confirmed, the Africa review reports.

The report quotes the O País newspaper say that the illegal immigrants were in possession of fake visas issued to them in Addis Ababa.

Meanwhile Maputo authorities also deported 11 Bangladesh nationals over fake visas.

They were arrested at the Mavalane crossing point in Maputo Province.

The country has -previously deported several people who entered the country illegally. In April 13 Ethiopians, one Indian, one Bangladeshi and a Nigerian national were kicked out if the country for possessing  fake visas.

Foreign nationals were mainly attracted to Mozambique’s Cabo Delgado Province, about 1,663km north of Maputo, which boasts of minerals such as gold, grenadines, aquamarines, tourmalines, blue topaz and green tourmalines.