Ethiopia to export power to South Sudan, Somaliland


Ethiopia will export electricity to South Sudan and Somaliland as it brings the Grand Renaissance dam to begin generating electricity.

Under its plan of economic integration within the Eastern Africa region Ethiopia aims to providing electricity supply to South Sudan and Somaliland.

Already the feasibility studies for these projects are complete and are now on the implementation phase.

There are however few hiccups around the plan of sending power to South Sudan and Somaliand. The first one is the uninterrupted conflict in South Sudan which is causing a delay of the intended power line constrcution.

The other most important challenge according to officials is locating enough resource to complete the projects on time.

Ethiopia currently generates close to 3800 megawatts of electricity out which half of the power generated comes from the recently inaugurated GIBE III dam.

When the construction of biggest dam in Africa, the grand Renaissance dam, is completed in a year’s time the country will have additional 6000 megawatts of electric power.

It’s this kind of power generation capacity that the Ethiopia’s master plan of electricity and energy aims to boost power exports from 223MW a year now to at least 5,000MW in a near future.

Most of the beneficiaries of this scheme will be about ten states including Rwanda, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, South Sudan and others.

Ethiopia’s potential power production capacity from hydro as well as geothermal, wind and solar energy is said to be more than 60,000MW, according to official estimates.

That is equal to roughly half the total current installed capacity in Africa of 147,000MW

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