Mozambican opposition leader Dhlakama extends truce indefinitely



Mozambican opposition leader Afonso Dhlakama has indefinitely extended a truce between his opposition RENAMO group and the government.

The leader had previously made the ceasefire announcement in December.

The announcement was expected, after an agreement was reached last week between Dhlakama and President Filipe Nyusi.

Government forces will vacate their bases in Gorongosa, in the Sofala province, one of which will be converted into a joint government-Renamo ceasefire monitoring centre.

Dlakama, who spoke to media via phone, from his stronghold in the interior of the country, said the decision to extend the ceasefire indefinitely, was based on discussions he’d had with local and foreign investors.

They argued that the continual extensions caused more anxiety and meant capital would wait on the sidelines until stability returned.

The country is struggling with low economic growth and burgeoning debt issues. There’s also the long awaited kroll report into the country’s finances and debts and this has placed additional pressure on the country’s leaders to find a solution.

Citizens will remain on tenterhooks hoping the ceasefire will be honored by both sides. This, as the country prepares for municipal elections in 2018 and general elections in 2019.

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