UN: 1.4 million malnourished children at risk of life-threatening diseases in Somalia



The United Nations children’s agency has warned the severity of drought in Somalia, will place 1.4 million acutely malnourished children at risk of life threatening diseases by the end of the year.

The figure indicates a rise of 50-percent from late last year.

275,000 of those children are expected to be so severely affected that they may die.

UNICEF says these children are nine times more likely to die from cholera, diarrhoea or measles.

The warning comes as Somalia faces the threat of its third famine in 25 years.

The dire food situation has forced more than 615,000 people to flee their homes since November.

The UN has appealed for $720 million to provide aid to Somalia. So far it’s received just 415 million dollars.

In the 2011 famine, at least 260,000 people died, half of them children under the age of five.


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