Kenyan activist inspires young people to address HIV/AIDS stigma



Communities in Kenya’s Lake Victoria region often struggle with many challenges, among them poverty, pollution and rivalry for fishing rights.

In one remote region of Western Kenya, the main challenge erienced is HIV-Aids, and young people are the hardest hit.

Homa Bay County on the shores of Lake Victoria has the highest HIV prevalence rate in Kenya.

The prevalence is reported to rise most among young people – with research pointing to 8 new infections a day.

This is widely attributed to poverty – that forces many young people to agree to engage in sexual intercourse even with strangers in order to get some money.

The youth that get infected with HIV for various reasons face a lot of stigma and negativity from their families and friends.

They are seen as immoral people who are on a path to death.

One teenager is however taking on the battle against the virus and the stigma it creates, and she’s inspiring others to join the fight.

Azanath Amuor, a 17-year-old girl lives with the deadly virus, but that has never stopped her from being happy and having a purpose in life.

Though she was born with the virus, she only realized she was positive when she was 13 years old.

After coming to terms with her condition, Azanath took it upon herself to combat the spread of HIV/AIDS and the stigma that it comes with.

Filled with optimism, she hopes one day the virus will be defeated, as is playing her part in that quest.

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