Teenager inspires many children to protect the environment


A teenage conservationist has embarked on a mission to inspire other children to protect their environment.

Luca Berardi set up a wildlife organization in Kenya’s capital, Nairobi when he was just eight years old. Now his goal is to motivate other people his age to care more about nature.

Lucy Taylor went to hear him speak in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

Luca is the only child of Mr Giorgio Berardi who works for an NGO based in the war torn Juba, in South Sudan and Mrs Mary Muthoni Berardi, a housewife in Nairobi.

His organization, Young Animal Rescue Heroes (YARH) has successfully networked with multiple conservation groups to expand its mission, which now includes sustainable waste management, environmental education, and community outreach.

Luca hosts workshops and presentations on environmental issues.Luca and his mother visit schools to create awareness on endangered wildlife and environmental conservation.

The 13-year-old collects and sells waste paper from schools and offices in Nairobi to the waste management giant Chandaria Industries to be recycled. He also sells used juice cartons to the company Eko Tech, which recycles the containers to make dustbins, building materials, and desks for schools.

Most of the money YARH raises from recycling are donated to the Kenya Wildlife Service, a state conservation organization that combats poaching and protects vulnerable wildlife habitat. He uses the remaining money to buy books for underfunded schools.


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