Four Al-Shabaab fighters executed in Somalia



A military court in Somalia has executed four men accused of being behind a 2016 attack that killed 80 people, a military officer said on Tuesday.

The four men were executed on Monday in Baidoa, which lies about 245 kilometers northwest of the capital Mogadishu.

The same court on Tuesday executed a policeman that was accused of killing a civilian and wounding the victim’s two sons, officials said.

“Yesterday, four militants who had been behind blasts were executed. More men accused of being al Shabaab members will be executed today or tomorrow,” Major Nur Aden, a military officer in Baidoa, told Reuters.

In Tuesday’s execution, Ali Buubo Mohamed, a policeman, was shot by a firing squad after he was found guilty of killing Kassim Abdi and injuring his sons. He was sentenced to death last November.

Mumin Hussein Abdullahi, the deputy prosecutor of the court, confirmed that execution.

The four militants were found guilty of being responsible for twin blasts in Baidoa in February 2016, resulting in 80 deaths.

Al-Shabaab has staged a war in Somalia for a decade, aiming to topple the government and instill a strict Islamic law in the country.

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