Kenyan forces in Somalia say 52 Al-Shabaab fighters killed in attack



Kenyan troops killed 52 Al-Shabaab fighters in an attack on the militants’ camp in southern Somalia on Friday, a military spokesman said.

A spokesman for the Kenya Defence Forces, Colonel Joseph Owuoth, said the incident took place in Badhaadhe in Lower Juba.

Rifles, three improvised explosive devices and bomb making materials were recovered in the assault, he said.

“The intelligence led operation was executed after surveillance assets sighted al Shabaab terrorist concentration on the location. Ground troops supported by mortar and artillery fire were employed to neutralise the camp thereafter,” a statement read.

“Following the operation, the initial assessment indicates that 52 terrorists were killed while others fled with injuries.”

Kenya has thousands of its troops in the African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM) to help curb al Shabaab and improve security as part of a reconstruction drive after two decades of civil war that shattered the country.

The East African nation sent its troops into the Horn of Africa following an infiltration by the Al-Qaeda-linked militants into the country where they staged a series of attacks.

The Islamists group has waged a decade-long war in Somalia, seeking to topple the government and impose a strict Sharia law.

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