20 school children killed in horrific road accident in South Africa


At least 20 school children have been killed in a head-on collision, on a highway near the South African capital of Pretoria.

The minibus taxi that was ferrying children from school collided with a truck and then burst into flames between the towns of Verena and Bronkhorstpruit.

The minibus driver had also been killed according to an emergency services spokesperson. The truck driver sustained minor injuries, according to another spokesperson.

ER24 spokesperson Russel Meiring said fire services had managed to extinguish the burning vehicle, which was found lying on its side.

“Unfortunately, nothing could be done for the children and they were declared dead on the scene,” Meiring said.

Seven children had sustained injuries ranging from minor to critical and had been transported to local hospitals. Some children had been dragged out of the vehicle by members of the local community.

The cause of the collision has not officially been declared, but it appears as though the taxi miscalculated a turn and crashed into the truck outside Bronkhorstpruit, north of Pretoria.

Investigations into the cause of the collision were taking place at the scene of the accident.