Artist creates striking work using dry brushes & burning candles


22-year old Anathi Nkanyuza’s talent and creativity sets him apart from other artists. The self-taught artist has taken creating art with paintbrushes and pencils to a whole new level. He calls his new technique, smoke art, and has been doing it for two years now.

Smoke or fumage art was popularised in the late 1930s; It’s a surrealist art technique popularized by an Austrian artist.

“It also falls under visual art but its art that’s created using smoke from a candle, or torch or whatever. We call it fume art,” said Anathi Nkanyuza, artist.

Nkanyuza started drawing from a young age.

“I started at school. I used to draw with my friends, we used to compete and I was always the better one. I used to help my classmates, it grew from that and I thought I could actually make money. In 2013 I started to take it to a different level where I thought let me make this professional,” said Anathi Nkanyuza, artist.

Nkanyuza says that after discovering the beautiful use of smoke in art, his mindset had shifted.

“I was doing paintings before and I used to do sketching using charcoal. This one is catch so a lot of people are interested in this smoke art, because they are how does he do this, how is the paper not burning,” said the artist.

Nkanyuza wants to keep his fire burning until he’s able to open his own gallery one day.