Sandbox trees one of the world’s most dangerous trees


Commonly known as the Sandbox tree, this native South American tree was introduced to East Africa years ago, and it came with all its weaponry.

With sharp spikes covering all its parts, it’s even more dangerous than it looks because it has a highly poisonous sap.

Its danger has been harnessed for human use, according to botanists America use the sap for making tear gas that the Police use. The sap is dangerous on the eyes because can cause temporary blindness.

Some Tanzanians have no idea about the dangers of the tree, like Teresa Fisher who had the tree growing in her garden.

“I didn’t know that it was a Sandbox tree and i didn’t know that it was potentially a little bit dangerous.  For the safety of everyone i think i might try and figure out how i can protect the environment without having to cut it,” said Teresa Fisher

The sap from this tree has been known to be used as poison on the tips of arrows by some tribes.

However it is fair to say, contact with the tree must be avoided at all costs.