Anti-Doping Agency of Kenya cautions athletes against doping


The Kenya anti-doping agency of Kenya (ADAK) has warned that it could be compelled to apply the new anti-doping laws to peddlers of doping in Kenya.

Chief Executive Officer Japhter Rugut says recent anti-doping rule violations involving  elite Kenyan athletes is disturbing to the country.

“We feel concerned yes these problems are still lout there but we want to assure the public and our international partners that we are now set on course of correcting the negative image that we have had previously”, said Rugut.

Reigning Olympic and London Marathon champion Jemima Jelagat Sumgong is the latest Kenyan athlete to fail doping test- an EPO- raising concerns that the menace could be rearing its ugly head again among the elite crop of the East African athletics powerhouse nation.

“We have the law which even criminalizes some of these practices, including peddling; trafficking of these drugs, including the medical practitioners participating in illegal activities to administer these prohibited substances knowingly to athletes, knowing this is to enhance performance. We all these things put together, we are seeing situation where assurance are there. We are going to play clean”

Two-time world cross-country champion Emily Chebet and Three-time Boston Marathon Champion Rita Jeptoo are among more than three dozen athletes who have been sanctioned recently by the world athletics governing body- the IAAF -for doping.

There will be renewed focus on Kenya ahead of the 2017 World Athltics Championships in London, but ADAK chief says they will increase their collaborations with other partners, that will result in more investigation and testing in the coming few weeks.

“South Africa has given us a lot of training, Norway is also in the process of training with us. WADA itself has given us assistance, the UK anti-doping agency is also on board, we have had training with them. We are using the best practices that partners countries and collaborates have used to interdict problems in their countries.”

Kenyan Hurdlers duo Koki Manunga and Joyce Zakary were recently banned after testing positive for drugs tests at 2015 World Championships in Beijing.