Chinese firms in Kenya donate food aid worth $160,000


The Chinese embassy and Chinese firms in Kenya have Donated food aid worth 160,000 dollars.

On Friday the Chinese embassy and Chinese firms based in Kenya, Donated food aid worth 160,000 dollars to areas experiencing. Severe food shortages as a result of the ongoing drought

“As brothers and sisters, the Chinese people are always standing side by side with Kenyans the Chinese government announced china will donate 2.25 billion shillings emergency humanitarian aid to Kenya and also the Chinese government donated five hundred million shillings humanitarian aid to Somalia and Sudan refugees who live in Kenya” Said Liu Xianfa, Chinese Ambassador to Kenya

Kenya is among several countries in the horn of Africa including Somalia and Ethiopia Experiencing a crippling drought

Already the drought, blamed on the failure of long rains, has put people and livestock at risk

Early this year President Uhuru Kenyatta, declared the drought a national disaster, appealing for assistance from Kenya’s development partners

“The drought has affected more than 2.7 million Kenyans who do not have food from the arid and semi-arid areas and 300,000 more of underlying areas” Said Amani Mabruki, PS ministry of Devolution

This latest food donation from Chinese firms, Comes barley a week after China announced Food relief consisting over 21,000 metric tonnes of rice that will feed and estimated 1.4 million people for at least a month

The consignment is due to arrive in the country in May, but there may be some good news for the country after all.

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